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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Party Food!

I am going to a New Years party tonight. It is an hors d'oeuvres and dessert party. I am bringing a spinach dip from, some chopped veggies and whole wheat pita for dipping, and the chocolate chip cookie recipe that I made for last night's party. I really LOVE those cookies!

Here's a party etiquette question: When you attend a party at a non-vegan's home, what do you bring? Do you bring both an appetizer or main course and a dessert? When possible, I prefer to bring both, so that my host doesn't have to be overly concerned about what I will eat, I won't worry that I won't have anything to eat, and to show others that vegan food can be quite yummy. I have few vegan acquaintances, so this is always an issue for me.


lisa said...

Well, as a non-vegan who also likes to bring a bunch of stuff to parties... ;-)

I think most host(esses) are thriled when you bring multiple dishes to a pot-luck style dinner or party, so long as you present it as "I made these and wanted to share them," or "I went a little crazy in the kitchen, so we probably brought a little more than you expected..." instead of, "Here, I brought some food so I have SOMETHING to eat, because Lord knows I can't count on you to make sure there's food for me at your parties."

If it's not a potluck, then yeah, I think it's a little awkward. But in those situations, I think it's perfectly reasonable to call ahead and just check with the host(ess) to confirm that there's something on the menu that's suitable for your needs, and to offer to bring something yourself to add to the menu if it sounds like there otherwise wouldn't be, telling her that you just don't want her to go out of her way.

Anyway, that's what I would want as the non-vegan hostess. (Though Doc, when you come to visit, I'll give you a call and we'll plan menus ahead of time. :-))

Harmonia said...


I have been bringing stuff to parties lately too...probably not as good as yours, but I try.


Happy New Year!