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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vegan in a Brazilian Steakhouse

I did not cook today. Instead I went to the local young Jews' happy hour. However, I'll share my most recent uncomfortable vegan story.

In Atlanta last week, I ended up at a place called Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse. It's a place where men dressed as butchers move through the restaurant at a frenzied pace slicing meat off of a skewer for diners. And, they have a salad bar. But, unfortunately, there was constantly one of these butchers/waiters dropping a slab of meat in front of me, because the 100-pound girl next to me could definitely pound down meat.

Fortunately for me, our waiter was very accomodating. He told me the few items off the salad bar that were vegan: lettuce (but no dressings), chick peas, mushrooms, asparagus, and tomatoes. And he brought me polenta faster than I could eat it. So, I ate well and enjoyed my food, though I was clearly grossed out by the carcass-like skewers of meat around me.


Lisa said...

Okay, we'll leave my personal enjoyment of churrascaria steak houses out of the discussion for just a minute while I ask one thing...

What would possess you to go to one in the first place? And who in their right mind would suggest taking anybody of any level of vegetarianism to a place like that? I'm kind of shocked, actually. Glad you were able to find SOMETHING there to eat.

Dreena said...

hmmm, I've been in those situations when I was working (well, out of the house rather than as a mom!). With company dinners, etc. There were a couple of times I was able to have the work dinners at a vegetarian spot, and everyone loved their food. This place sounds awful, though, like celebrating the whole barbaric nature of meat eating. Sad. And I can just see that very pathetic salad bar with iceberg lettuce some white sliced mushrooms, pink-white tasteless tomatoes, and some chickpeas!! Oh yum - not!

Mary Ruth said...

Kevin and I had a similar experience at a churrascaria in Brazil. We didn't even try to eat and sat there disgusted while my friend happily ate chicken hearts off a skewer!

Danielle said...

That Fogo whatever must be a chain because there's one here in D.C. in the downtown/touristy area. Gag.

You're braver than I am. I wouldn't have gone at all.

lonna said...

I keep seeing ads for these types of places in airline magaizines and I am always repulsed. They make me sad too because I know that my parents would just love a place like that. Gross.

Urban Vegan said...

I ate at several churasscurias in Brazil to accomodate my omni husband. The waiters at the places I visited were also very accomodating. But I always left feeling a little emotionally drained from seeing all that flesh--and all those heavy people overeating. [The only reason my husband is not heavy is becuase he is a weekday vegan and he works out!]