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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Alternative Outfitters

I have blown some serious $$$$ at, on purses, belts, cell phone cases, and other accessories. So, this week when I was in LA visiting my brother and his family, and I received an e-mail about their new showroom in Pasadena, I *had* to go.

I've found other vegan shoe and accessory web sites often to be too punk. Alternative Outfitters, on the other hand, has trendy items that a fashionable, or even professional, vegan will love.

I bought a purse, a belt, and a wallet, while my brother bought Mary Ruth a black purse and wallet. If you're in California, visit them, or wherever you are, check out their goods.


Anonymous said...

I agree...I find other sources too punk too. These look great...more my style too!

KleoPatra said...

Love their look. Hope you had fun in L.A. It's not for everyone...

funwithyourfood said...

I like that Shop! next time i hit up LA i'm going there