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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I'm not the most coordinated individual. At the end of a run this morning, I'm jogging along the sidewalk in Beacon Hill, when I trip, fly in the air, and *splat* land flat on the ground. My knees are banged up, my left arm and elbow are a mess of road rash, and my palms are scraped. But the most bruised part of me is my ego.

With everyone staring at me, I got up quickly, smiled and laughed nervously, and kept on going.


Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel....I've done similar things many times. I always figure if I get up and keep going, people won't pay much attention. But, when I get a few blocks away from the scene I always assess the damage and notice the road rash! Yikes....hope you're OK..

lowell veggie said...

wear the scars with pride. i long ago gave up my leg model career aspirations. i think you should post a picture so we can ooh and aah in admiration.
congrats on the triathlon success and on your continued adherence to the training.

Danielle said...

That's why I don't run. I had a similar accident a few weeks ago when trying to catch a bus. I didn't notice the big ol' scrape on my elbow until I caught the next bus. Then after that had healed up--about a week or so--I was walking on the driveway to my apartment building and tripped and banged up my knee.

Get the good antibiotic stuff, and take care.

funwithyourfood said...

oh man when i was in college, i was walking in a crowded area and slipped down 3 steps. I had a bruise literally the size of a watermelon. OUCH


KleoPatra said...

I actually did that DURING A RACE. The photo at the finish line shows my bloody knee...

Sorry to hear about your fall but you got up and got going again, and that's rad!

Go, Vegan Doc!

Urban Vegan said...

Don't feel too bad.

My husband just took a spill on an uneven sidewalk--and he was just WALKING down the street.[{He said he knew how to fall, b/c he used to be a goaltender!] At least you were jogging.