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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Race Karma

That's me -- right after finishing the Wild Dog Triathlon this weekend. No makeup, sweating like a pig... yup that's me! 13th out of 21 in my age group. I'll take it!

I believe in Race Karma, if that's what you call it. Races are supposed to be fun. We're all out there to do our best. So, I like to cheer for people. Usually, it's best done on the run, and works quite well on an out-and-back course. I yell for people on their way out, or for people I pass. "Way to go girl, you look great!" The crappier they look, the more I cheer for them, because they definitely need the motivation. My favorite people to root for are older folks, like the 76 year-old woman who finished the triathlon. Now *that* is awesome!

There's no point in racing if you can't have fun, right????


funwithyourfood said...

I like your idea of race karma. Really put a smile on my face actually. I've run one marathon in my life and i thought i would DIE. the people who cheered me on really helped.

you would have been one of the cheer-ers i bet :)


JAM*tacular said...

That's awesome :) Way to spead the love, sister!


herself75 said...


talk about race Karma... have you heard about these guys?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Only a few people in the event are actually there to race to win....the rest just want to have fun and compete at there level. I love it when people like you cheer me on! I do the same for others!

Urban Vegan said...


KleoPatra said...

I do the same thing in races and afterwards with the cheering on of others!! That is way cool. I am so glad you are proud of your accomplishments, as you should, including this race. That photo captures a very satisfied Vegan Doc. Nice job!

Bolder said...

personally, i find the karma is immediate.

i like to encourage people 60+ in TRIs... as i'm passing them, i'll look at the calves for the bodymarking of their age... i'll say 'hey 61, you own this course, bring it home!'... i usually get an immediate thumbs up from them... which gives me chills -- instant karma.

i passed a dude 31 that was walking... obviously fit, his shorts were crusted with salt, i said to him 'you need salt tablets?'... he said 'yah', i said 'run with me', he did and i gave him my last two, told him they would make him right as rain.

instant karma.

my most unusual discovery was running a Stroke & Stride easy instead of hard... i couldn't help smiling because it felt so easy! then, 'cause i was smiling like an idiot, everyone kept smiling at me, which made me smile more!