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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wild Dog Triathlon -- Race Report

This morning, I did the Wild Dog Triathlon, a sprint triathlon. My friend's girlfriend took pictures, but hasn't sent them yet, but when she does I'll share.

We barely made it in time to compete. My dear friend picked me up 25 minutes late, and then took a very wrong turn on the highway. Start time was 8 am; we arrived at 7:59. I was beyond livid at him. As we pulled up, I sprinted out of the car, over to the registration table, and was able to get our race packets just seconds before they were to be put away for good. As things were fortunately running a bit late, I had time to throw together my transition area and put on my wet suit.

For the swim, I decided to start toward the front, which proved interesting since the ocean water was quite choppy. I did the breaststroke for at least half of the way out. It was crowded enough that there were people behind me who I kept kicking; I felt bad, but really, they should have moved if I kept kicking them. Does that sound harsh? Then out of the water, onto the bike for a pretty flat course where my legs felt so heavy. And finally, a 3 mile run, where crazy me cheers for everyone behind me on my run back.

So in my age group, I was 8th place on the swim, 14th on the bike, 11th on my run. How many people in my age group? I don't know yet. But, I did get a nice finisher's medal.

After all, we are all winners, right? :)


Harmonia said...

Great job! Good for you! You are an inspiration! :)

trac said...

Anyone who paticipates in a mass start, open water swim knows the drill - it is every man and woman for themselves :-)
I can't believe you got your transition area set up that fast. Congrats on finishing.

Melody said...

You are SOOO a winner! The majority of the public could not do this.. myslef included.

KleoPatra said...

Way to go, VeganDoc! I'm proud of you, girl.

Anonymous said...

Great job! I agree, the swimmers behind you should have passed or fallen back, otherwise getting kicked over and over again is what they can expect.