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Monday, August 21, 2006

Breastfeeding is Definitely Vegan!

Breast milk is produced for the purposes of feeding babies. It's the healthiest thing to feed a baby, as opposed to formula.

The purpose of veganism is to reduce suffering of animals, live a healthier lifestyle, and to help preserve the environment. Breastfeeding does not negatively impact any of these things.

On the other hand, humans are the only species that consumes the milk of a species other than our own. What if your dog drank giraffe milk? Wouldn't that be weird? Same goes for humans consuming cow's milk.


KleoPatra said...

I'm so with you, VeganDoc. I think the same thing. Why doesn't the rest of the world see how weird it is to drink another animal's milk?!!?

herself75 said...

I think the mental image of milking a giraffe is quite halarious!

having breastfed for about 5 years already ( and at least 1 more to go!) it would be absolute torture if I didn't! an noone will ever be able to convince me that artificial baby milk is more convenient than lifitng my shirt!

oh- and fwiw.. cow milk is only one ingredient in a LONG list of crap they put in there! (like corn, soy, sugar..) think it is any coincidence that dairy, soy adn corn are the most common food allergies in kids?

JAM*tacular said...

Well, since you put it that way... Love the analogy!

:) Mikaela

lonna said...

I agree. the other factor is that other species' milk is obtained for human consumption against the animals' wills. I have chosen a lifestyle that does not exploit animals. Whereas the breastmilk for my son is lovingly given by me. I am able to make the conscious choice to give it to him.

Anonymous said...

agreed! I have never understood why anyone would promote formula over breastmilk.

VeganWitch said...

It's what the boobies are there for, after all :)