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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I am having way too much fun with this

Have some fun of your own:

Back in the day, I did work fast food at Hardees of Farmington Hills, Michigan. At seventeen, I was the queen of the drive thru. One customer requested extra salt for his fries. I threw a few salt packets in his bag. He looked inside, unsatisfied with the amount of salt and demanded more. I grabbed a generous handful of salt packets, dropped them in his bag, and said, "Your arteries will thank you, sir. Have a nice day."

From that point, maybe I should have known I was going to end up a cardiologist.

Another classic moment was a day when me and two other college-bound vegetarians were working the front line. A customer walked in and asked us what we recommended off the menu. We looked at each other and laughed. "Ummm... we're all vegetarians...."


KleoPatra said...

Oh that is great, Vegan Doc. I laughed so hard at your signs and your blog entry. Well done! Truth is stranger than fiction.

Thank you for the smile on my face right now!

Brenda W. said...

This is a riot!! As a vegan RN, (writing on a vegan MD's blog) here's mine!!

My Sign

funwithyourfood said...

when i was a kid I lived on the east coast and I ate hardies A LOT.
i bet my heart wasn't too happy with that

good thing i'm nice to it now!


orangina said...

Ha, ha! Can you frame these and hange them in your office?

Danielle said...

I stopped eating most fast food after the chicken head incident at McDeathburger. I sometimes eat at Subway or Chipotle or Moe's Southwest Grill, but that's because they have decent veg options.

kaivegan said...

Your signs are too funny Vegan Doc!

VeganCyclist said...

TOO Funny!