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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Boca Spicy Chik Patties

I made myself a Chik Patty sandwich on whole wheat bread with Vegenaise, ketchup, and avocado. Don't know why, but lately I really have a thing for Vegenaise.

Anyway, need to find a new digital camera so that I can finally post some pics again.


lisa stone hardt said...

Your vegenaise kick seems to go well with my sudden avocado obsession. :-)

BTW, I highly recommend the Nikon Coolpix 5600. It was an impulse buy for me when my digital decided to stop working during the weekend of my brother-in-law's wedding (and then started up again, right after...) but I haven't regretted it a bit. Great camera. Takes great photos. They have it at Staples if you want to go play with one. Or just come visit, and you can test mine. :-)

VeganDoc said...

Thanks Lisa. I'll look into that one. Avocados are good too :)

Danielle said...

Hmm, I have a Canon Powershot A10, and I've never had a problem with it.

Danielle said...
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Vegan Knitting said...

How can you go wrong with Vegenaise! It tastes good with everything (or even by itself ;P) I slather it on whenever I use it and don't think twice.

I just got a Canon Powershot SD 30 as a holiday present. Hooboy!