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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Taking a Hiatus

It's been a somewhat crazy week. Tonight I went out for sushi with some girlfriends and then went to see Brokeback Mountain. Great sushi -- got a tofu inari, veggie roll, avocado roll, and shitakke mushroom roll, along with a salad and some edamame. And, a very good movie.

So, I haven't been doing much coooking these past few days. I'll be heading back to Detroit to visit my parents this weekend for a much needed hiatus from things. While I'm there, I'm sure I'll get the chance to cook. They're lacto-ovo vegetarians, with heavy emphasis on the lacto-ovo, and they subsist on Taco Bell.

So, I'll bring the digital camera with me and probably whip up a few things while I'm there. Have a great weekend; I'll be back to blogging on Tuesday!!!


lonna said...

Have a nice trip! I can't even imagine having veggie parents, even if they are the fast-food/dairy/egg kind. My parents are pretty much carnivores, not even omnivores. It's painful to cook at their house because I have to scrub everything down. Last time we brought our own pots!

Danielle said...

At least your parents are vegetarian. The last time I visited my family, I cooked one night, which turned out okay, and two nights later, my mom cooked for Rosh Hashanah. She cooked a big pot roast, heated up soups from a bottle (chickeny matzoh ball soup) and a box (Pacific Butternut Squash soup which she either cooked wrong or is really meant as a soup base), and threw together a salad. Actually, I did the salad, but ignored the honey almonds she left on the counter. She threw them in and I had to pick around them. When she sees me doing that, I point out that the almonds have honey. She's like, "Oh, sorry."

If it hadn't been for the leftover tofu I brought over and the sweet potato-apple kugel I made, I would have starved. My sister's father-in-law and the FIL's then-fiancee were there, and they made some dessert, but somehow were under the impression that I was leaving the night before, so it had chickens' eggs and/or cows' milk.

My mom is always bugging me to visit, even a month after I've been (and I really hate flying, too). Like, after an ordeal like that, I want to eat with them.

Oh, man, sorry to bitch, but you're lucky they're even ovo-lacto. Most of us veg*ans have omni families and more nightmare stories than you can imagine.

chick pea said...

i didn't know your fam was veggie.. that is fantabulous...

you're home and i'm home too..

will catch up soon ms. vegan

Harmonia said...

Can't wait to see new posts! Hope your weekend was nice!