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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Harmonia's Eggplant Curry ROCKS!

It's great to be back in my own kitchen.

This evening I whipped up Harmonia's Eggplant Curry. It was awesome. I sauteed the onions in oil first, then added the mushrooms, and then the rest of the sauce ingredients. And, since I forgot to get a tomato at the grocery store, I poured in a cup of Prego Traditional sauce.

Oh... and watch out for the Laffy Taffy. The little ones are vegan, but the big candy bar-sized ones have egg albumin.


lonna said...

I hadn't noticed that. I hate when different sizes of candy have different ingredients. Maybe I need to go look for small laffy taffy next time I go shopping.

stella said...

Eggplant (trans: AUBERGINE) curry looks wicked. I am going to make it. And will report back.

Harmonia said...

Hi there! Sorry I have been out of commission for a few days BUT I’M BACK! Thanks for the compliment. I am very surprised some of my visitors are trying a few of my posts since I don’t think I am much of a cook. I honestly can’t remember where I found that recipe but I don’t think it was an original. I will feature you today on my blog! The pic is lovely!

stella said...

i did it doc. i made it today. added ginger and red lentils, and upped the curry quotient (bit too much chilli) and it's good! Will use more aubergine next time. Yum Thanks!

VeganDoc said...

Stella, way to go! I'm glad you enjoyed the "aubergine" curry :)