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Monday, February 06, 2006

My First Attempt at Cooking with Tempeh

This didn't come out so good.

I added the tempeh last. It tasted bland, like it didn't absorb the stir-fry sauce that I added, and it was awfully chewy.

Next time I cook with tempeh, I'll try smaller pieces and add it earlier.


Alanna Kellogg said...

Hey Doc, Welcome to the food blog world! I'd love to add your blog to The Veggie Evangelist! Thanks for stopping in! Alanna

lonna said...

I haven't had much luck with tempeh either. I like it out at restaurants, but I can't get rid of the strong taste at home. My husband and son like it at home though. My husband cooks it first in some oil and soy sauce. Then he takes it out and does the rest of the stir fry. When that's almost done he throws the tempeh back in.

Danielle said...

If I stir fry, I always put the tempeh in first, let it change color a bit to a more golden color, then add the veggies. If I'm grilling or cooking tempeh in larger pieces, I sometimes steam it.

stella said...

WTF is tempeh?

Danielle said...

Stella, tempeh is fermented soybean cakes. I believe it originated in Indonesia. It has a chewy, nutty texture and taste.

Anonymous said...

The key is to boil it first....The tempeh softens and tastes just like it does from Caravan

Anonymous said...

Help! I'm trying to make a shepherd's pie with tempeh instead of meat. I thought finding a recipe online would be easy but it's not. I'm only finding weird variations. I just want to know what to do with the tempeh, how to flavor it so it tastes good.