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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yellow Lentil Dal

First off, I've found my mojo, thanks to all of you who may have been concerned. Today was a much better day in the lab, for the most part. My needle found arteries when it was supposed to find arteries and veins when it was supposed to find veins.

For dinner, I made yellow lentil dal, my own take on an Indian dish. I soaked some yellow lentils overnight. In my frying pan I poured a little Canola oil (like a tablespoon or so) and added mustard seeds, cumin, coriander, turmeric, salt, pepper, and garlic. When the mustard seeds were popping, I added the drained lentils with some cold water and 2 chopped roma tomatoes, simmered for about 25 minutes.


Chick Pea said...

are you turning brown on me? :)

Randi said...

re your note: Thats because you are vegan, of course you think cottage cheese looks good. I hate gefilte fish too. Did you enjoy blintzes and kugel?