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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm Running Boston!!!!!

I got a number for the Boston Marathon through Combined Jewish Philanthropies. As a member of Team CJP, I'll be raising $3,000. This is awesome news, that I can run Boston as a legitimate participant, even though I have never come anywhere near a qualifying time.

HOWEVER.... I'm still on the disabled list! I have not run in a week and a half because of my plantar fasciitis. Finally it is getting better. A week ago I was waking up and my first few steps out of bed were just absolute excruciating pain, as was standing in the cath lab for long cases. Now, I know it's there, but it's not awful. So I will continue to squash the inner voice that's screaming "I wanna run!!!!" and continue to bond with my friends the elliptical trainer and spinning bike.

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Extravaganza at my apartment..... the guest list continues to grow. I can't wait to cook up some amazing vegan food. It's been far too long since I've thrown a dinner party.


Anonymous said...

wishing you the best!

Geek Girl said...

Wow! I'm envious. Congrats on the first Vegan thanksgiving dinner. I've been doing them for a while, but I made my first home-made roast this year. Woo-hoo!

Shodan said...

Wow. You are an inspiration. I turned vegetarian a few weeks ago. Blogs like these help me stay on the straight & narrow.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound oppositional, but won't you feel a little guilty running such a prestigious race if you don't technically qualify for it?

If I was you, I would feel like a schmuck wearing a Boston Marathon t-shirt if I was not a fast enough runner to qualify for the race in the same manner that the other runners do.

Just a thought.

VeganDoc said...

No I don't feel like a schmuck, thank you. I'm earning my spot in the Boston Marathon, just as several thousand others do, by raising money for a charity. One day perhaps I'll be fast enough to qualify by my race time, but for now I feel good about myself for committing to raise money for a very worthwhile cause.

Anonymous said...

Yes... but when you wear your Boston Marathon shirt, everyone will assume that you are "elite" enough to actually qualify for the marathon.

And are you participating in this race because you wanted to help out charity or because you wanted to find a way to be able to run the Boston Marathon? According to your posts, it seems as if the answer is the latter.

Enough money will buy you anything you want in life, but it is hardwork and dedication that truly counts.

VeganDoc said...

Actually, the shirt that I'll be wearing will say "Team CJP". I'll be wearing a jersey representing my team, just like the 500 people running for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, or hundreds of others representing charities.

As for hard work and dedication, I'm training to run a marathon. Regardless of the time it takes to finish that marathon, I think that anyone who trains toward that goal is dedicated.