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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Rewarding Patient Encounter

Some days, I feel like I might as well have a conversation with the wall than tell my patients what they need to do to be healthy -- exercise, lose weight, watch what you eat, and take your pills. Because, when I tell them to do those things, I see them again in 3 months, they're 10 pounds heavier, their cholesterol numbers stink, and they haven't "had time" to start exercising.

Then, every so often, I do find a patient who follows my advice. I saw one such patient today in my clinic. I met him 2 years ago when he had his heart attack. He was overweight, smoking, sedentary, and ate horribly. I gave him my usual advice that I give to most patients. Since then, he lost about 30 pounds and is a normal healthy weight. He quit smoking. He changed his diet dramatically, cutting out a lot of meat and dairy.

To this day, his heart health is terrific. He probably has no idea how thrilled I am to see him do so well, but it absolutely brightens my day.


KleoPatra said...

That is - YOU are - why doctors are SO awesome. You CARE. And your patient is a good one, one who takes responsibility for himself and one who makes positive, healthy choices.

We should all hope docs are more like you and patients are like this one...

stella said...

THAT, is coool. What Kleopatra said. Good on you doc.

Now, more gorefest stories please.

Brate said...
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