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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stop Darfur Genocide

I volunteered at a rally this evening in Rochester to call awareness to the genocide in Darfur. In the Darfur region of Sudan, 400,000 civillians have been murdered, 2.5 million have been displaced from their homes, and 3.5 million are living in starvation. 10,000 more are murdered each week.

You have the power to stop this genocide. Go to Save and sign a postcard to President Bush to take action. These postcards will be delivered to President Bush on April 30 during the Rally to Stop Genocide in Washington D.C.

As a Jewish American, this especially hits home, as many of my ancestors were murdered in the Holocaust. We all have the responsibility to take action. We cannot sit by idly while genocide occurs.


Melissa said...

Thanks for posting that site. I sent a postcard right away! If he can invade Iraq on the suspicion of weapons that MIGHT kill people...he can definitely try to help stop the definite killing of people now.

KleoPatra said...

Thanks for the link, VeganDoc. I signed and sent it out to some other friends of mine.

I can identify with this situation on many levels. Thank you again for this post.

Jorg said...

Thanks for drawing attention to Darfur!!!

I am in Europe and can't attend the Darfur rallies across the U.S. on April 30th. Therefore I am organizing an online rally for Darfur together with many other German Bloggers.

I blog for the Atlantic Review, a press digest on transatlantic affairs edited by three German Fulbright Alumni.