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Friday, April 07, 2006

Steamed Veggies

One of the many reasons that I love shopping at Wegmans is their cooking demonstrations. Very often they have something vegan, or something that can be made vegan easily. I love to chat up the chef and learn how he prepares different foods. This past weekend, the chef was steaming vegetables, and the final product was delicious! So, I bought a steaming basket set.

Tonight, I steamed red and yellow peppers, baby bok choy, and sweet peas in pods with some salt and pepper. On top of the veggies, I layered some Morningstar Farms Steak Strips, and drizzled the dish with my favorite sesame garlic sauce.


lisa said...

I've always wondered how to use those steaming baskets. They look like they'd be complicated. Guess not?

VeganDoc said...

Nope, not complicated at all! Put the veggies in the steaming baskets, the ones that require more cooking in the lower baskets. Then put the baskets in a shallow pan with boiling water.

lisa said...

I think I could manage that. :-) Cool! I'll go get a set. I've always wanted to have them in my kitchen. They remind me of dim sum. (Not that you would go for that, but in my world, it's still fun.)