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Sunday, June 04, 2006

First Triathlon of the Season

Today was my first triathlon of the season and my second one ever. It was cold, rainy, and yucky, but I felt great. The swim was in a pool and the bike was on a hilly course. The run was tough because my legs felt so tired, so even though I felt like my lungs would have let me go faster, I just couldn't do it, and was a lot slower than I had wanted to be. Preliminary results say I was 7th out of 26 women in my age category, but I have a feeling that will change because we were all staggered at the start. So, we'll see. Nonetheless, I'm happy. My goal is to do my best and not to be DFL (Dead last).

That pic is from the triathlon I did last year. Yes I know I look goofy.


Anita said...

Congratulations, Vegandoc!!! And thank you for your note on my blog (I wrote you back over there :)).

I wonder if you are in my age group cause I came in 6th out of 26th. You must be! We must have been very tight timewise. What number were you? You certainly weren't DFL (a term I've never heard, but that cracks me up!).

At any rate, great job getting out there and having fun despite that godawful weather. I am recovering from a horrendous chest cold this week - - hope I don't get pneumonia or anything.

By the way, the woman who won the race (out of all the women) is also affiliated with your workplace. Her hub is in research. She's an amazing athlete and super duper nice to boot.

Anita said...

Oh, also, what other tris are you planning to do this summer. I'm thinking Musselman and maybe Olympic distance at Finger Lakes Tri.

Melody said...


funwithyourfood said...

7th is AWESOME.. I'd be thrilled with finishing at all.

Congrats : ).. We're proud of ya


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

yayyyy!! 7th is awesome!!

DFL -- dead F*** last.. LOLLL!!! will remember that if I ever take part in any race or something.. :-))

Anonymous said...

DFL - I'm going to use that one! Congratulations. I've been anxiously checking your blog to see how things went. I think 7th is totally respectable! Even DFL is respectable! I've decided my next goal is a triathlon. I'm not sure when or where yet. I'm terrified of the swim. I can swim well enough, but I've never done an open water in a huge crowd. That's so scary!!!

KleoPatra said...


I am so happy for you!

I love that term, "DFL" - wish I could use that in some of the stories I write!!

I'm really happy for you and wish you continued good health to keep on going so well on the physical road you're on!!

stella said...

You are so fit and healthy you almost make me feel bad. Almost. I got given bike the other week. If I can only get round to servicing it, purchasing a helmet and other assorted accessories then I might be in business. You are an inspiration, Doc.