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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hazards of Biking in the City

In Rochester, I'd roll my bike out the driveway, ride through about two miles of light traffic subdivisions, and then I'd be in farmland on nice roads with minimal traffic to bike on.

Not here.

It took me over ten minutes of stop and go and riding on the wrong way of a one-way street to get to the path along the Charles River. And, as this was a 40-minute ride, I practically had to turn right back around.

I think I'm going to need to ride earlier in the day, say 6 am, when there's less road traffic to contend with.

Huge thanks to Jody from Vegchic for the link on biking in Boston.


stella said...

You'll be a seasoned Boston biker in no time Doc. It's just all new. Getting up for a 6am cycle seems a little extreme to me, but then, I'm a lazy pudding.

Speaking of which, where are your vegan puddings?

orangina said...

Good luck navigating! I know Boston is notorious for massive long-term construction projects... I hope you find some good routes! For longer weekend rides, I recommend exploring western Massachusetts and New Hampshire (my former homestate!).

Jody from VegChic said...

Riding in the city is rather scary. I've stuck to mountain biking, but I'm thinking about getting a road bike. Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth made me wonder if perhaps I could bike to work. It would be rough, but also good for me.

There are many beautiful parks for biking here, but getting there might be difficult unless you drive.

If you drive out of the city, within about 20 minutes you are in prime biking territory. Needham, Newton, Dover and some of the surrounding towns have loads of bikers out on nice afternoons and weekend. There are plenty of wide roads and not too much traffic.

Let me know if you want me to get some more info for you about where to bike as you head of the city. We've got a few people in office that are avid riders!

Anonymous said...

welcome to boston. i hope the biking gets better. there was a story on wbur (local npr station-90.9) about biking. i did not actually hear it, but it may be of interest. also, this is a link to a local bike trail and there are a lot of links that might provide more info. i hope you are settling in. you have found whole foods, so there is hope. there is also the boston vegetarian society that might be a good resource. though, between the training, work, cooking and blogging, i don't know how you will find the time.