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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Training Anxiety

I just looked at what Mary, my coach, has come up with for me this week.

Oh no!!!!

This week is chaos. I'm packing up the house and the big moving day is Saturday, with a six hour drive to Boston. And then unloading. And somehow that day I'm supposed to do a "brick"-- 40 minute bike followed by a 40 minute run????

Yeah, not going to happen.

With weeks like this, I need to do some creative planning. I may start the week of workouts a day early, tomorrow. That should help decompress the week. And then I'll juggle around the workouts to get as many in as possible.


KleoPatra said...


Keep on movin', in whatever way you've got to do it!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget--doing stairs with heavy boxes counts as exercise!!!

Good luck with the move--wish I could be there to help! (Not that I'm much help these days...)

Bookphilia said...

Good luck with your move to Boston - I hear it's a cool place.

urban vegan said...

everything in moderation--including moderation. one or two days off might even help you in the long run.

good luck with your move.