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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Triathlon Accomplished!

I was a little worried about my ugly toe injury, but I was able to do the triathlon today. All I had to do was find a good waterproof bandage to keep the wound from getting infected, and all was good!

It was a very cold morning -- about 53 degrees when we started. The water was absolutely frigid! But, once we got moving, the water felt okay. I was more worried about getting kicked in the head and seeing where I was going in the water!

The bike was okay. I think I was pretty slow there because a lot of people passed me. The one woman who passed me on the right (which is a big no-no), her bike broke down on the course. Talk about karma! And the run, I was hyper by then. I was cheering everyone on... "Way to go, girls! You're doing great!" But truthfully, I'd rather have fun than be a serious competitor, and since I'm not a super-talented athlete, why not have a good time?

I've done two triathlons on back to back weekends. I'll be taking a break now for about 5 weeks, and my next triathlon will be once I'm moved in to Boston!


funwithyourfood said...

You deserve a break
great job!


KleoPatra said...

Nice going, VeganDoc! Did the bandage stay on during the swim? Or was there no swim!?!?

I'm glad the toe injury didn't stop you. When I have raced, I always talk to peeps as well, trying to cheer them on! That's really cool.

I'm happy for you!

Urban Vegan said...

congrats! very inspiring.

orangina said...

Wow! 53 degrees... you're a tough cookie! I also love that you cheer people on during races - a couple of kind words can matter SO much! Congratulations :)