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Thursday, October 05, 2006


The half marathon is in just over a week. I have a long training run to do this weekend. I don't like doing long runs alone. So..... I'll run the BAA (Boston Athletic Association) Half Marathon as a Bandit.

A Bandit is an unregistered, unpaid participant in a race, who runs without a race number. His or her time is not recorded because he or she is not registered.

Bandit running is controversial. Some say that it's poor etiquette because bandits take up space on the course, take advantage of the police and volunteers, and drink or eat refreshments that should go to registered runners.

I plan on being a good bandit. I'll start toward the back of the pack, and I'll bring my own water and snacks for the run so that I don't take away from the people who paid to be there.

On top of all this, I'm on call. So, I'll have my pager and cell phone with me too, so that if I have to go the hospital, I can get off the course and call a taxi.

I can't wait. Go Bandit Go!!!!


Anonymous said...

hope you enjoy the run!

Anonymous said...

wow - good look. I look forward to hearing about your race

Anonymous said...

The "Bandit" concept is interesting. I hope you don't have to RUN to the hospital. You go, Vegan Doc!