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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hot Chocolate

I'm not about to claim this is some brilliant creation on my part. I post it because so many people think that if you're a vegan that you cannot eat chocolate, which is so untrue! Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean, and somehow in this country we've gotten in the habit of adding dairy and making "milk chocolate".

No cows were harmed in the creation of my hot chocolate, it's cholesterol-free, and it's tasty!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yum. That is the perfect cold weather treat. I'm off to make some right now -- great idea! You know what's also funny-- when I became vegan I was surprised to find out how much chocolate is vegan. They were very pleasant surprises!

Anonymous said...

here here!

megan the vegan

S. Baboo said...

Mmmm, tasty post.

I took the "What kind of Vegetarian are you?" test on your earlier post and came up militant vegan, 72% so I guess I'm a slightly tempered vegan but I have found that it's simply best for me to just not go there with people who I want to maintain a friendly relationship with.

Harmonia said...

Ooooo...I wish they had that chocolate here!

Anonymous said...

That looks terrific!!! I love hot cocoa :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. That's cool you used to be a Metro Detroiter :)

Anonymous said...

great idea. Now, we can even add vegan marshmallow when we're feeling particularly decadent.