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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Carrot and Garbanzo Puree

I adapted this recipe from Lorna Sass's New Vegan Cookbook; the recipe is called "Carrot, Bean, and Carmelized Shallot Puree". Except, instead of shallots I use a cooking onion since chopping shallots takes far too long for my patience, and I add a little maple syrup at the end.

Sautee onion and spices of your choice (I like garlic and thyme) in canola oil for about 10 minutes. Then add vegetable broth, 1 can of chick peas or canellini beans, salt, and pepper, and cook for another 15 minutes. Separately, steam carrots in the microwave in water for about 10 minutes on high. Pour the onion, broth, and bean mixture into a food processor, add the carrots, and puree, and add maple syrup at the end.

An easy and tasty way to get your veggies!

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herself75 said...

OOOHH I bet Colin will LOVE that! oh wait that wasn't supposed to baby food was it?