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Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Shoes

I'm a vegan with big feet -- size 12 women's. I can't justify killing a cow just for the sake of fashion, so I don't wear leather. That makes shoe shopping a challenge. I have been looking for quite some time for a pair of cute sneakers that I can walk around town in.

These are Onitsuka Tigers. They're a unisex shoe, but they're narrow enough for me, are comfortable, and relatively stylish.

I bought these shoes from Zappos online. They have a large selection of vegetarian (non-leather shoes). I also buy shoes from Payless, but those shoes tend to be of lesser quality and sometimes cheap-looking, so I am careful in which shoes I choose from them.


herself75 said...

may need to kill 2 cows for those feet :p

Anonymous said...


I have no problems finding any vegan shoes except running shoes. [My feet aren't big, but my BUNIOSN sure are.] Next time, I'll try this company.

Anonymous said...

Could it be true? Someone with big feet just like me? In Boston?


I wear size 11, sometimes a 12 and I strive for vegan shoes. Payless has always been a favorite place for me, not just because 98% of their shoes are vegan (and cheap) but because it's the only store in the world that I've seen anything beyond size 10. Granted, the selection can be rather limited, but still...

Anyway, I really like your shoes!