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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Training Progress

I'm feeling pretty good about my first race, the Wildflower Olympic Course on May 4.

I've been biking longer, consistently doing a weekend long ride up to 35 miles and two spin classes during the week. Today we climbed one of the canyons on our bike ride. Now, the last time I climbed with a triathlon club group, I was dead last up the hill. Totally different story today. I was toward the front of our group on our twenty minute climb!

One month ago, I ran hard for one mile and finished in 8 minutes 38 seconds. This week, I completed the distance in 8:21


Unknown said...

Sound like good progress! You're making me jealous of being able to ride 35 miles at once! I need to get in biking shape too! Good luck on your May 4 race. ¡Puedes celebrar tu éxito el cinco de mayo con una tequíla y taco vegan! (¿todavía tratas de apprender español?) ;)

Cate said...

You're doing GREAT! keep it up!

Christie said...

That's a great improvement in such a short period of time. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I'm very late to say WOW! Great job on the bike AND the awesome mile pace!