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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going Vegan!

In the past couple months, I've seen a few new vegans and the great results they've been seeing!

A friend emailed me yesterday:

"Wanted to share some good news with you! I’ve been Vegan for 2.5 mos and my cholesterol dropped 44 points!"

She's not the only one.  Other new vegans:

--One friend borrowed my copy of The China Study.  He gave up dairy, and shortly thereafter went vegan.  At a recent physical with his doctor, he found out that his previously high cholesterol is now normal.

--Another friend's partner underwent bypass surgery.  They both went vegan.  He says, "So far so it...feel lighter and better overall ...."

It's not that hard... make the change today!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Greetings from beautiful Turks and Caicos!

I fully realize how negligent I have been in updating this blog. It has been a good new year so far. I am fortunate to be on vacation right now.

Vacation is a time to take a break. But it doesn't mean all good habits go by the wayside.

I don't have any grueling 4 hour team bike rides or 17 mile trail run.  But I did run barefoot on the sand for 30 minutes and took a boot camp class (which seriously pales in comparison to Barry's boot camp classes in LA)

And the buffet has lots of choices. I suppose one could load up with cheeseburgers and dessert, and I saw people doing that. My plate was mostly vegetables, some tofu, bean salad, and some spaghetti with tomato sauce. Though I did have a couple of mini Oreo cookies, it was still a healthy lunch.

There's an open bar too. The opportunity is there to be drunk all day. On my first day I had two cocktails. I will probably have one more today.

Vacation is not a time of pure decadence. It's about letting loose, but still maintaining some semblance of our healthy lifestyle.