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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comeback Marathon

It probably wasn't the most sane idea to sign up to run another marathon two weeks after dropping out of a marathon. But, I wanted to see how my training would stack up and I hoped my nerves wouldn't get the best of me.

I ran the IMS Arizona Marathon this weekend. This time I finished, though I still landed at the port-o-potties three times and had stomach cramps that caused me to walk intermittently, especially at the end.

It was a somewhat tough, point-to-point, mostly uphill course with a net elevation gain of just under 400 feet. And it was the smallest race that I've ever run, with only 99 marathon finishers.

I am so grateful for my friend who ran with me. He hadn't run in over a month, yet braved the race with me. For the 15 miles that we ran together, he kept me entertained and motivated, though I wasn't the greatest most friendly running partner that day.

My time was 4:34:09. That's third place in my age group (out of five -- yes that's intentionally in small print). That's a personal record by over 23 minutes. Minus the gastrointestinal issues, I could have easily taken ten minutes off that time.

Now I just need to figure out what to eat and what not to eat. Pre-race dinner was pasta with marinara and some faux burger crumbles. Perhaps it was the soy? Or maybe I'll just pop some Immodium before my longer runs??


Unknown said...

Good for you, Heather!

Victoria said...

YAY! Congratulations. I was kind of worried by your harshing on yourself after your DNF. I thought, "My God, she's an interventional cardiologist AND a triathlete who was felled by hyponatremia or some similar disability and she's STILL disappointed in herself? This woman needs to stop being so hypercompetitive."

But then I realized that competitiveness may well just be your nature. Maybe things just aren't fun for you unless you're competing, even if only against yourself.

So, congratulations on your finish! Keep updating your blog -- you inspire me! -victoria

Unknown said...

Congrats! And here's a thought: I once finished 2nd in a 5K walk, and was greeted by congratulations by the running group coach. I scoffed at my performance, mentioning that there were only 3 of us in my age group. The coach responded: Oh no, you came in 2 out of the whole population of 60-65 year olds in this city. And you know, she's right! It really changed my perspective, as I'm hopelessly slow.

Anonymous said...

Hi -- Great race report, and excellent PR! On the food front -- I wonder if you might try going very bland in the two days before your marathon. I add carbs on Friday and Saturday (before a Sunday marathon) using maltodextrin powder (Carbo-Pro is one brand) from the Vitamin Store. I mix it in smoothies and Gatorade to add about 1,000 extra calories per day. Big breakfast Saturday morning -- oatmeal, fruit, whatever else I can get down. Rest of the day is bland and easy to digest. Bagels, apple, bananas, and my secret weapon -- 7 ounce packet of tuna with 3 packets of mayo. I go to the pre-race pasta dinner but I eat almost nothing -- bread, maybe and dessert.

I also do about 500 calories about two hours or more before the race if I can get it down. Carbo drink, bagel, banana, coffee. Then a gel about 20 minutes before the race.

Good luck!