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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Found My Nemesis

It's a bike climb in Brentwood called "The Three Bitches".  Three successive hills.  Relatively short, but extremely steep.

On this morning's ride, a group of us split off to climb "The Three Bitches".  I climbed the first, standing on my bike the entire time, huffing and puffing.  At the top, I looked to my right to see an even steeper hill, the second of the three "Bitches".

I'm always up for a challenge.  However, I'm racing Wildflower Long Course next weekend and am supposed to be tapering, or cutting back on my exercise so that I am well-rested for the race.  Now is not the time to do insane things.

But, I do promise:  I will be back.  (as I say that, ironically, I do believe that the Guvernator, Arnold Schwarzneggar, did drive by us during our ride.  No joke.)

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