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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cheese for Vegans!!!

No I have not fallen off the Vegan Wagon and gone to the dark side of dairy.

This is a grilled cheese sandwich that I made for dinner with Daiya cheese.
Daiya is the first vegan cheese that I've ever had that melts like dairy cheese.  I've had it on vegan pizza from Whole Foods, on nachos, and in macaroni in cheese.  The texture and the taste are amazing!

Daiya cheese has 90 calories per 1/4 cup serving, with six grams of fat, 2 grams of it being saturated fat, 1 gram fiber, and 1gram protein, with 15% of the daily requirement for calcium.  Interstingly, it is not soy-based like most other vegan cheeses, but its main ingredients are tapioca or arrowroot flours, canola oil, safflower oill, coconut oil, and pea protein.

I enjoyed my grilled cheese sandwich with a spinach salad topped with Follow Your Heart Chick'n Free Chick'n and ground flax seeds. Yum!


Brenda W. said...

This cheese has just become available in my part of the country (western NC), and it truly is good!! I enjoy it right out of the package! And I had sworn off commercial vegan cheeses since all of them tasted so ..... well, yucky.

I've used both the cheddar and the mozzarella versions, and love them both!!

Amanda said...

I have heard so much about this cheese (at first from my non-vegan cousin who was trying to have something available for me at her dinner party). I told her, "vegan cheese? don't bother! it tastes terrible" but the more I've been hearing about it, the more curious I've gotten. Last night I tried a bit of it on top of some vegan chili and it truly was the best vegan cheese I've had, albeit a little salty-tasting for me (I HATE salt, I never use it on anything). They still get an A+ in my book, and coming in 2nd place is the block of Follow Your Heart "It Melts" cheese.

Wisconsin Uneven Pavement Lawyer said...

Thanks a lot for introducing this vegan cheese. Sounds wonderful and delicious.

Cate said...

Did you get this at Whole Foods? I need to go look for this. Cheese is really a tough one.

Ruth said...

Keep these food tips coming!! Thanks.