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Sunday, October 03, 2010

New Creations in My Kitchen

Two creatons made with my new Vitamix blender:

Now, I can't quite give away all of the ingredients just yet because they will be entered into a competition this evening and I think these truffles just might be able to win.  The concept is easy, though:  Mix a nut with dried fruit and dates to sweeten them.  Or add cacao to make something chocolatey.  Put them in the freezer.  Then serve.  Yum.

Green Smoothie 
Mix one cup of almond milk, one banana, seven strawberries, and two handfuls of kale.  Since I had just worked out, I added one scoop of chocolate Sun Warrior protein.  On the Vitamix, choose the "smoothie" operation and the machine does all the work.  Or you can make this with your own blender.  Amazingly nutritions and tastes very good, even though it's green :)


Lisa Viger said...

Oh truffles are always good!

The smoothie looks great. I must get a VitaGod :)

Jake Tiesler said...

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I am totally new to the Vegan Protein supplements, the more I have been reading about the cancer related effects of dairy whey and casein the more I want to supplement with vegan powders! I appreciate the write up, very well written! I did a small write up on a powder you didn't list already. Check it out, I will subscribe and thanks again for the write up!