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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Really, Paula Deen?

One of the most decadent chefs of the Food Network has recently announced that she's had diabetes for three years.

If you go to her web site, she talks about how she'd like to help her fans see "Diabetes in a new light."  Click on that link and it takes you to an advertisement for Victoza, the new diabetes drug that she is endorsing.

It's like me putting a cigarette vending machine and a hamburger stand in my waiting room, and then subsequently doing angioplasties on those patients.  But then again, unlike Paula Deen, I took the Hippocratic Oath to "Do No Harm".

When interviewed by Al Roker last week, she claimed, “Here’s the thing, you know, I’ve always encouraged moderation,”  But seriously, since when is a hamburger inside of a glazed donut moderation?  And does someone who proclaims that she can't live without butter or a deep fryer have the right to say she encourages moderation?
 This is moderation?   

"Moderation" is about the biggest cop-out there is.  Who can't legitimately claim they eat "in moderation"?  Compared to a stick of butter or a tub of lard at each meal, anything is moderation.

What do you do if you're a chef who has earned her reputation as providing recipes for decadent food, and you yourself end up succumbing to one of the diseases that results from eating that food?  I don't know, but signing an endorsement deal with a medicine to treat type 2 diabetes is not the ethical answer to that question.


Mike Gist said...

That don't even look good. As for fried foods, I try telling my sister that fried anything isn't good for you. Most T.V. personalities, or radio ones for that matter, will always end up going for the money, no matter how they started out.

VeganMarr said...

She's doing what comes next , what logically follows in her type of life & career...make money causing more harm w/drugs...masking the symptoms rather than removing the could she back pedal on what she's pushed all these yrs? That would be too honest...and hard to be profitable. But if she did it right, it could be. Hope she has some relatives she likes to leave all that money to.

Cate said...

If she really did want to bring awareness to diabetes, she would use her talent and notoriety to promote a healthy diet. Todd had a "come to Jesus" moment with his Dr. this morning leaving us both wondering what we are going to eat now. I'd subscribe to her magazine if it had some healthy and delicious recipes. It doesn't. I will keep looking. Sigh.

johnnydajogger said...

"everything in moderation" is just another meaningless cliche designed to give cover up people's piggish and disgusting eating habits. Its like saying that I'm only using a quart jar to throw gasoline on a fire rather than a gallon jug; the fire is still there. Why not take mercury or arsenic in moderation? The stupidity abounds.

Unknown said...
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Brett Wilcox said...

Well stated. I appreciate your work and mission!