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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Passover Seder 2014

I hosted my fourth annual seder at my home with nearly 30 guests, including my four nieces.  This is why I open my home to family and friends for the holiday.

This year I used a different hagaddah, 30 Minute Seder -- The Hagaddah that Blends Brevity with Tradition.  The author of this hagaddah is a genius -- everything you need in a seder, including some songs, and a minimal amount of Hebrew, is included.  The story of Passover is told in a clear manner, unlike those archaic Manischewitz hagaddahs that many of us grew up with.

We ate well.  Hors d'oeuvres consisted of mock chopped liver and a Sabra eggplant spread and a beet salad with cut-up veggies for dipping.

I served a matzo ball soup from Nava Atlas.  The matzo balls were kitniyot-free, made from matzo meal and quinoa flakes, and were baked instead of boiled in water.  I would love to find nice fluffy matzo ball recipe that is kitniyot-free.  These were smaller, perhaps a bit more solid than a traditional matzo ball, but nonetheless good.

My newest dish for the holiday was a spinach, leek, and potato matzo gratin from Nava Atlas.  I added in some kale in addition to the spinach, and I did not add the Daiya vegan cheese since I thought the dish was already creamy enough.

From previous years, I also served a quinoa with pine nuts and dried cranberries, eggplant casserole, and a carrot apple sweet potato kugel. 

We had a chocolate matzo loaf and some delicious fruit and an apple-date mousse for dessert.

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mollyjade said...

I got the closest yet to really fluffy matzo balls this year. Look for a recipe with baking soda (it's OK for Passover) and potato starch as the egg replacer. And add any liquid at the last moment, like making muffins.