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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Reason Why Meat is Unhealthy

The salmonella bacteria that infected crops of tomatoes was derived from contaminated meat. Somehow, this fact gets missed in the mainstream media cover of the salmonella outbreak that caused over forty thousand people to become ill.
Photo courtesy of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine,


KristieS said...

Dr. Barnard is one of my favorite docs to listen to, so I love this photo! Why is it so hard for people to understand that tomatoes/spinach/mushrooms can't acquire salmonella on their own?

Christie said...

Don't you just love how the media leaves that part out?

Tracy H. said...

I'm glad I found your post. I love that a cardiologist advocates veganism!

Unknown said...

Very nice. I remember it being mentioned only very briefly when the spinach outbreak thing happened in fall of 2006, but I haven't heard anything this time.

Back in 2006 a work colleague commented when I was eating local spinach that it probably wasn't safe to eat. I had to explain to him that not all spinach had become infected; it was just the spinach from the farms that were infected with the pig sh*t, not local spinach.

Tuco said...

Have you seen the AICR "food nutrition... cancer" report that recently came out? there's a pretty funny war of words on now between the PCRM and two meat lobby groups, with AICR stuck in the middle.

I wrote it up recently actually:

Anonymous said...

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