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Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Racing Against J-Lo!!!!!

Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez will be racing the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on September 14. While I am disgusted by her love of wearing fur, it is neat to see a celebrity drawing attention to our sport.
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Anonymous said...

You are way, way cooler than J.Lo, any day of the week. (Maybe PETA will stage a protest at the race?) -victoria

Anonymous said...

Well, you're a better person that me to see the silver lining here.

Unknown said...

Hey, give here a break, she's still just "Jenny From the Block". Just kidding. Maybe Casey Affleck should give his sister-in-law a lesson on fur.

A cooler 'celebrity' to race against would be Brendan Brazier or Scott Jurek (I think Scott might only run and not do triathlons though)

urban vegan said...

I hope you whip her famous butt. It's hard to believe that anyone would wear fur in this day and age.

Cate said...

I saw her in GMA adn I think it is pretty cool that she is doing this and setting a great example (fitness-wise).

I also adore her actually raising her baby and not pwning it off on an army of nannies like most rich & famous do.

you'll beat her! well, as long as you keep on going and don't join in the PETA protest!

In all seriousness, I really am in aew of you for being able to do this. We're the same age and I'm only riding 4mi/day!

Anonymous said...

(in the spirit of Post Secret...

I never thought I'd like fur either. But I found out I do.

And as much as I'd like to believe my consciousness is fairly high, well, I've recently bought fur in limited quanties because I truly enjoy it. It's warm, its soft, and it is soothing.

Cruelty-free diamonds, however, I'd insist upon. And think female genital mutilation should be swiftly erradicated. We aren't terribly kind to our own species.

And I have my doubts on the total carbon footprint of environmental impacts of cruelty-free products such as synthetic/vegan shoes.)

PEANUT said...

It is a pity that j-lo has been properly educated on how fur is made but still opts to use it as a status symbol.
And the anon post above is funny - but not in a haha way.
Thanks for setting an example to folks that a vegan diet is preferable for health. People tend to have a higher respect for a prestigious pedigree such as yours!