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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With a Little Help From My Friends

Finding others to exercise with makes a workout more fun and sometimes challenges us to do more than we might do on our own.

If I tried to do all twenty or so hours a week of Ironman training all by myself, I don't know if I would get through it.

While I do a long run alone at the crack of dawn , and a 1-2 hour bike ride alone one evening per week, I have a number of workouts with others.  I join a coached pool swim, a group ocean drill swim, and I usually find people for my long bike ride.

My weekly e-mail to several women in my tri club who cycle at about my pace goes something like this: 

"I'm doing 112 miles, starting at PCH and Temescal at 7:00 am, meeting up with the PCH 101 ride at 8:30, heading out past the Oxnard fruit stand to Ventura, and then turning around and coming back.

I'd be eager to have someone start with me at Temescal, or start at Zuma and ride out past Oxnard with me, or ride with me at the end, or join me for any amount of time on the ride. Let me know if you're in :)"

There's no one on my exact schedule, but usually I can find people to ride pieces of the ride with me.  Thank goodness for my friend Lee who accompanied me for at least two thirds of my 125-mile ride a few weeks back.  It was fun talking to her as we rode up toward Ventura.  While her strength is riding on flat roads, mine is on hills, and she really pushed me on the flats of the ride.  And, as we got tired out we took turns drafting off one another to give each other a break. 

Similarly, though even if you're not training for an Ironman:  Use the buddy system.  It makes exercise a whole lot more fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather- met you the other night at the vegan drinks event. Great blog, thanks for sharing!