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Monday, February 13, 2006

Caravan of Dreams

I had the pleasure of being in New York City during its biggest snowfall ever!! The benefit of this was that my friend and I didn't have to wait to be seated for brunch at Caravan of Dreams in the East Village.

The restaurant is vegan, organic, kosher, and much of the menu is raw food. The music was great, kind of a middle eastern beat, and also a guy playing piano live. There were so many great choices. We each had the Country Breakfast Platter with spelt-berry pancakes and fried tempeh, along with sangria, coffee or tea and a salad, all for $14. What a filling and delicious brunch!

I swear, I'm like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store whenever I go to a vegan restaurant, because near where I live we have three vegetarian restaurants, but no vegan restaurants. I love having choices on the menu, though I must admit that it feels a bit overwhelming because I'm not accustomed to being able to choose from multiple options.

And I don't have to bombard them with the usual vegan littany of questions that I always begin with, "I'm sorry, I'm going to be difficult. I'm a vegan. That means I don't eat dairy, egg, meat or fish, or anything that comes from an animal.... ok so what kind of broth does the soup have? And what is that fried in? Is there cheese in that? Can you make it without the sour cream? No, I don't want cheese on top. No really, no butter either..."


lonna said...

New York is amazing. I have been there for a week at a time and only eaten at vegan restaurants. I have never lived anywhere with a veggie restaurant of any kind, so a vegan menu is amazing. Usually my husband and I have to order the one vegan thing off of the menu. But in a vegan restaurant we each get to choose and then share our meals. Yeah. We went to Caravan of Dreams once, but we weren't too excited about it. It was great to try somewhere new, though.

KleoPatra said...

"I swear, I'm like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store whenever I go to a vegan restaurant..."

Me too!!!

Believe me, San Diego is sorely lacking in vegan options... If you ever go to Orange County or Los Angeles, "Native Foods" is a place you MUST go. I dream of the day they open a dining establishment in SD!

This post made me smile!!