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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Carb Loading

Tomorrow I am running the Chase Corporate Challenge in Rochester. It's a packed race of 3.5 miles, with over 9,000 participants, many of whom are walkers. So, anyone who runs at all can feel like they're fast.

Dinner tonight was angel hair pasta, baby bellas, yellow peppers, Morningstar burger crumbles, and Enrico pasta sauce. The pasta sauce was a departure for me, because I'm so used to Prego, which is loaded with added sugar.

Now I am carb loaded and ready to run!


funwithyourfood said...

wow that looks too good and here's why:
1) angel hair is my fav
2) veggie crumblers are great
3) Baby bellas!

Mmmmmm thanks for letting us eat with our eyes


Kuntal Joisher said...

best luck for tommorows race.. Go Doc!!

you, kleo and a lot of other vegans inspire me to take up running.. but first my first love.. biking!! yayy!!

Freedom said...

Those yellow peppers are so vibrant and pretty!

Cate said...

GO DOC GO!!! I think you may actually like those baby bellas more than I do... have you tried grilling them?? I skewer them with eggplant cubes, peppers, pearl onions, and peppers. YUMMY!!

Anonymous said...

That dish looks great, though I still prefer homemade spaghetti sauce to anything I get in a store. But I love what you have topped it with. Good luck on tomorrows race.