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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Indian Wedding

A friend from residency got married this weekend. She's Indian, as were most of the guests. Another friend's mother, "Auntie", offered to dress me for the occasion. It was a fun wedding. I love the music and the outfits.

The food was mostly vegetarian, but with heavy emphasis on the "lacto". The ghee (clarified butter) was omnipresent. There was one dish that appeared to be some form of green vegetables in oil, and I think the rest had meat or a cream sauce. I also enjoyed some whole wheath paratha bread and basmati rice, so even with the limited vegan selection I ate well. Ok, I am pretty sure what I ate was vegan; I do my best and don't want to be a difficult vegan guest.

I saw a yellow sauce next to one of the breads, so I put some on my plate thinking it was mango. I dipped my bread in it and found the flavor quite dull. On my next trip to the buffet, I saw the label that I missed the first time: ghee. Whoops!


KleoPatra said...

"Ghee whiz!"

You did the best you could, VeganDoc, and it sounds like the food was somewhat veg-friendly, which is more than I can say for most "dress-up" occasions I attend.

I love the "but it's KOSHER!" exclamation i get sometimes, too... I'm like, OK, cool, but KOSHER doesn't equate to VEGAN. I mean *somet*imes the two are one and the same but never when it's an animal!!

I know the feeling of not wanting to be a veg-pain-in-the-arse...

Nice outfit you're wearing!

Kuntal Joisher said...

indians(excluding me :-p) have this hooooge liking for ghee.. I totally hate ghee.. have hated since day one.. everytime my mom is making ghee at home I'm in my room all locked up.. coz the smell is unbearable..

actually most indian sweets can be made in vegan ghee.. called dalda or vanaspati in india.. mostly palm oil ;-).. neways ppl over there hate dalda and I love it!! yayy!! its not that great for health but much much better than ghee anyday! and cruelty free too!!

chick pea said...

hottie in a brown outfit...if i ever get married, can't wait to see you in another outfit again :)

Kumudha said...

Indians consider food to be gourmet if loads of ghee is used.

It is possible to cook most of the Indian foods without ghee, butter and milk products.

Yes, it is challenging to be a vegan in Indian restaurants and in Indian functions.