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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thanks VeganDoc

Thanks for the warm introduction, VeganDoc. Hope you are having a great trip! If you are checking in, let us know how its going.

I think I am in a different time zone than most of your readers, so I thought I would post last night's dinner first. But I forgot to take a picture. So, here is a picture of the baby waiting for breakfast. Anyway, last night we had "meatball" subs: Whole Foods vegan meatballs, sauteed mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes with a little Newman's italian dressing on a french roll in the oven for 12 minutes. It's fast, and I can make it with one hand if the baby does not want to play by herself.

Did anyone participate in the immigration rallies yesterday? I did not, because work was crazy. But, I have friends and family who did. I have never seen as many people as were marching through downtown L.A. yesterday. I am on the 47th floor, so I could see the crowds and hear the chanting. I love it! I think it is a worthy issue, and regardless of your views, it is great to see so many people voicing their opinions (and having an opinion, for once).


VeganHeartDoc said...

I remember you making those meatball subs when I visited back in September. Yum! And, as always, Sammy looks adorable.

Thanks again for blogging for me. I'm on my way to the airport. Keep up the good work!!!!

Everyday Superhero said...

Your daughter is adorable. Does she usually patiently wait for food? :-)

Are the meatballs soy based? If there's one thing I do miss as a vegetarian are my Italian mom's homemade meatballs.

Anonymous said...

As Samantha's nanny all I have to say is where were the leftover meatball subs for my lunch today? Just kidding! Anyway, I'm sure it was good.....your cooking always is and you are helping me to eat very healthy during my pregnancy. And if anyone is really wondering.....Sami usually does wait very patiently for her food. :-) See ya tomorrow!!

Mary Ruth said...

Hi Sweet Pea - The meatballs are soy based. Trader's Joe brand meatballs are also good and vegan. Gardenburger makes them, but I think they have parmesean. So easy to use - they come frozen and after a minute in the microwave will go in any recipe. Thanks for reading my first post!

Anonymous said...

Ditto the previous posters, the meatball subs are very good! I'm not a vegan, but MR seems to make the yumminess happen.

BTW, is it wrong that I just want to eat that cute baby! Sam is adorable!